Our history

This business was born in 1960 with the aim of researching the highest quality products and bringing all lovers of good food closer together. Over the years we have been able to create our own line of products labeled La Bottega del Gusto 1960 which encompasses all the excellence of our territory..

Haute cuisine is not something for the timid:you need to have imagination, be reckless, try even the impossible and not allow anyone to set limits just because you are what you are, your only limit is your heart.


Following a healthy diet is one of the pillars to living a healthy and happy life. The important thing is to have the best foods on your table to feel good, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts.

Find out what they are


They have been designed to share the flavors of the Tuscan territory following the rules of tradition. They are easy to prepare and make your dishes excellent.

La Bottega del Gusto 1960 ™

For us, food is a real passion, eating well is important and part of our history.